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Profile Description

Welcome to Bayside Private Retreat

Bayside Private is a small retreat specialising in Drug, Alcohol and Mental Health Issues.  We have been helping people for over 5 years in this specialised field.

Our Team has extensive experience in dealing with people who present with mild, moderate or complex difficulties (particularly those with co-existing issues such as depression, anxiety and addiction).  Our program is specially tailored to your individual and personal needs and as we do not cater for more than 8 clients at a time we are able to pick up on issues that may have been missed by other services for many years. We believe in treating the whole person and use a combination of physical, social, emotional and psychological strategies to help bring balance back to your life. Some of the services offered are counselling,  3 day inpatient relapse prevention program, 14 day inpatient, 28 day inpatient, 2 month inpatient and 3 month inpatient.


we provide a safe and effective detox from drugs or alcohol. Whether you are addicted to cocaine, marijuana, heroin, LSD, or any other type of drug, we can help you take the necessary first step on your road to getting sober. Drug detox rids the body of chemical toxins, provides a physical readjustment, and clears the mind.

Drug abuse results in a rapidly increasing physical tolerance. In other words, to get the same effects from drugs the user must have continually higher doses, which in turn causes physical dependency and addiction. When an addicted individual stops using drugs, the withdrawal can be severe with side effects such as muscle and bone pain, confusion, vomiting, insomnia, intense cravings, depression, cold flashes, and anxiety.

If drug detox is conducted improperly, there can be very serious consequences. At Bayside Private, your detox from drugs will be completely supervised, comfortable, and administered by expert addiction professionals.


Taking the first step can be difficult but we guarantee that if you make a genuine commitment you will have a life changing and life enhancing experience.  You will receive the highest quality care from some of the most experienced practitioners in the industry, in a relaxed family like environment.  Call us Now To Find Out More on 1300 855 976.

  • Address: 5/100 Gladesville Blvd, Patterson Lakes VIC 3197, Australia
  • Country: Australia
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Drug Addiction

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